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Conditions & Prices

Terms and Conditions 2020 Kylemore Stud

  • All Stallions resident at Kylemore Stud are available by AI, fresh and chilled semen. Semen can be shipped to any address by courier, or express post. Please order semen by 10am for delivery within Ireland and by 9am for European and UK Delivery.
  • International semen orders, for semen from abroad to ship to Ireland must be made by 8am.
  • International delivery is only available Tuesday to Friday inclusive, and on Saturday by special arrangement. All shipping costs are to be paid by the customer.
  • If stallions have a heavy breeding schedule, the Kylemore Stud reserves the right to send a maximum of 1 insemination dose per oestrus.
  • Please call to book in your mare. Office hours 7am to 7PM Monday to Friday and 7am to 6pm Saturday.

Office number: 086 3760619 (Olive)

If you cannot get through due to the line being busy send a text message or call 086 8169004 (Ivor).

  • We accept mares arriving and departing Monday to Friday 3:00pm-7:00pm and Saturday 3:00pm to 6:00pm only. Other times are strictly by appointment only.
  • Our Highly skilled stud vet and team will  ensure your mare receives the upmost care while at Kylemore Stud.
  • All stud keep and veterinary charges will be billed prior to the mare departing the stud and must be paid for in full at this time.
  • Kylemore Stud accept no liability whatsoever for damage, sickness or injury to people, animals, transportation or otherwise.
  • Mares are inseminated entirely at the cost and risk of the owner.
  • The transport of the semen is at the risk of the receiver. By ordering and buying semen, the mare owner declares to have taken cognizance of these conditions and declares to fully agree with these services.
  • Kylemore Stud is not liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage, or costs incurred where Semen is unavailable or delayed, including, but not limited to, veterinary, livery or transport costs, as well as with the stud fees.
  • In case you use the semen for ICSI or Embryo-flushing:  stud fee is charged for every  flushed out embryo or for every succeeded ICSI.
  • Kylemore stud provides no product exchange or money back guarantee. The Customer is advised to insure the value of the transaction as he sees appropriate. Once payment has cleared the order is placed and cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  • Kylemore Stud offer a LFG on many stallions,(but not all) on the condition that all fees are paid in full, and that the mare is declared barren by Oct 1st. If we do not receive a barren certificate by Oct 1st the lfg is no longer guaranteed.
  • If the mare is not in foal before the 1st of October 2020, we need an official and signed veterinarian statement stating the mare is not in foal. This ensures you can breed again in the following season. If this is not received, we cannot guarantee a return service.
  • Full price list and further terms and conditions are available in the stud office for inspection.


All prices are in Euro. All resident stallions are supplied with a LFG. All VDL Stallions are supplied with a LFG.

  • Tyson 1200 (800/400)
  • Womanizer 700 (400/300)
  • Watermill Swatch 600
  • KMS Rooney 700
  • Cornerado VDL 700
  • KMS Timeless 800 (500/300)
  • I AM W 800
  • Karaldo VDl 800
  • Crosstown Dancer 400 per dose
  • Huntingfield Rebel 400 per dose

Prices for International stallions are listed on each page. Other stallions are also available by request. Please call or email us with your specific needs.

Imported fresh semen is subject to shipping charges and health paper charges, aprox 100 euro per shipment.

Veterinary charge of 100 euros per cycle for all imported semen from VDL Stud applies, and of 200 per cycle for all other imported semen, and from other Irish studs.

A once off charge of 50 euros per mare per season is payable for all visiting mares, to cover veterinary ultrasound scanning. Livery is 15 euros per day stabled and 10 euros per day outdoor. All vet and livery charges must be paid in full prior to departure.

"Olive is a qualified AI technician with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and DEFRA. She runs the mare barn at Kylemore Stud. Olive helps breeders with their stallion choices and has extensive knowledge of fertility problems and practices with mares and stallions."

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"Kylemore Stud provides semen from almost all stallions available by AI for their clients, although they work particularly close with the VDL stud in Holland."

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"Broderick's run a very professional stud and you won't find better people to deal with anywhere. They are happy to help you at all times no matter what advice or help you need"

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