Kylemore Stud provides a range of services to the horse industry throughout Ireland


We will foal your mare and take your foal through the first days of life with top class care and attention. We have the latest foaling cameras available and the mares can wear foaling alarms also. Our Vet is on call during these times 24 hrs a day.

AI Delivery

We will now take semen to your mare and inseminate her at your farm so she does not need to travel to us if you feel it will upset her or if her foal is very young.

AI Transport

We will transport semen to any address in Ireland at reasonable cost for your own vet to inseminate.
Imports of semen from top stallions on the continent

Kylemore Stud has links with top international stud for many years and have access to and import semen from the majority of stallions available in Europe.

Ai Training

We specialize in training stallions for AI. It is crucial that stallions are properly trained to the phantom. Over the years we have trained many stallions for AI and have the facilities and expertise to analyze their semen.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your queries. You can contact us at the following address:
Co. Galway,
Telphone:090 9745599
Olive: 086 8169004
Ivor: 086 3760619