Goodluck VDL
KWPN 2011 Brown 1.71m

Already a Stallion Champion, Goodluck VDL combines amazing bloodlines in his pedigree.

Goodluck VDL lay down a marker of his outstanding potential when he became the stallion champion during the AES inspections in Schijndel last spring, the tall elegant stallion received some great comments from judge, and top international rider Eric van der Vleuten when he said:

‘’The Baltic son jumped in a good manner with a lot of power. He also seemed very careful. A fine complete horse with a good canter and technique’’.

 Goodluck’s sire, Baltic was himself the stallion champion during his performance for the KWPN approvals receiving great scores for his reflexes, scope and talent as a jumping horse. He is sired by the ill fated Quidam De Revel son, Quaprice, who passed away just as he was beginning to make his mark on the breeding world. Baltic’s dam, Nellandra is sired by the double gold medallist from the Atlanta Olympic Games, Jus De Pomme, a ‘keur’ stallion and proven producer of top Jumping horse. The strength of Baltic’s family is seen with the continuation of a strong sire line, of the top stallions Wellington, Orthos,Joost and Rigoletto.

Goodluck’s dam line is equally as impressive. Mother Bevita, is sired by the legendary Cassini I who has produced Berlin, Cumano, Cocu and Calanda to name just a few of his famous offspring that have competed at the highest level of the sport. Bevita is a sister four international competitors, two of which are also approved stallions.

Gran Mother Evita IV, sired by Lord; is very impressive as a producer. In breeding she is the mother of the International competitor and approved stallion Cocodrillo as well as the approved stallion Lord Castell. In addition to this she is also the dam of the international performers Colilino and Champanger. A fact that further highlights the depth of heritability in this dam line is that Evita’s sister Aline (Renomee) has produced the approved stalllion Laralle and is also the grandmother of the approved stallions and International competitors Chuck Z and Silverstone.


Baltic VDL Constant Quidam De Revel
Wella I
Nellandra Jus De Pomme
Cassini I Capitol I
Evita IV Lord